IFAS Information Technology On-Demand Computer Training

The IFAS Office of Information Technology (IT) provides hands-on training for a variety of IT related subjects. These classes are available to any group of IFAS faculty and staff located throughout the state. Classes can be held on campus, at Extension offices or Research Centers. Best of all, this service is available at no cost to you or your unit! Why travel to other sites when you can have the training classes come to your location? Find enough local interest and you can save. To accommodate interested groups, the training is brought to them to minimized travel and expenses for the participants. Become a Class Sponsor and schedule one or more training classes on various subjects. Bring together a group of IFAS members interested in this training. Sponsors are encourage to advertise to surrounding units, departments, Research Centers and County Extension offices to maximize attendance. Don't wait for someone else to schedule the training. Information Technology DOES NOT schedule any training programs without a request and support from a local sponsor. The programs provided are "by-request" training sessions to encourage users to support local training sessions.

The Information Technology on-demand training program works like this. What does Information Technology provide?

For the training class, IT will provide:

  • Class instructor
  • PC laptop for every class member
  • PC software
  • Handouts
  • Video projector
  • Wireless LAN network connectivity (if required)
  • 3 -3.5 hour training class on selected topic

What training class topics are available?

The HOT topic for now appears to be web page creation with the use of Microsoft FrontPage. Three classes are currently available, each one building on what was learned in the previous class. Due to the amount of hands-on functions covered it is not uncommon for participants to repeat the class at another time. This is NOT discouraged.

Available hands-on training topics include:

  • Windows - setup, configuration and customization
  • Web browsers - installation, configuration and customization
  • PowerPoint - introduction to presentation development
  • Excel - introduction to spreadsheets
  • Outlook - introduction to e-mail and Calendar
  • Internet search programs - Understanding and use
  • Privacy on the Internet - how privacy is lost and retained
  • Videoconferencing basics for one-on-one or multi-user conferencing
  • myUFL author/publisher

Other topics being considered:

  • Graphics for non-artists - use of free graphics products
  • New class recommendations are accepted

note - all classes are based on Windows XP and Office 2003 products. All classes assume the participants have no previous topic experience (except FrontPage II and III), and require the participants to actively use a PC to experience and learn the necessary functions included in the class. Basic PC knowledge is expected.

What is a class sponsor?

Information Technology does not schedule any training classes without a request and support from a class sponsor.

The CLASS SPONSOR and instructor must first agree on a date, time and location (to ensure availability of both the instructor and the equipment). Classes can only be scheduled on Tuesday, Wednesday and/or Thursday. Most classes are approximately 3-3.5 hours in length. Although a single class can be taught, two or more are highly recommended to make best use of the instructor's preparation time, travel time and expenses. If interest exceeds the maximum limit for a class, the class can be repeated to accommodate all interested individuals. While there may be no monetary cost for the sponsor or their unit, the sponsor does have some responsibilities.

A class sponsor will:

  • schedule on a mutually available date and time
  • advertise availability of class to local and surrounding IFAS sites
  • organize participant signup (class registration)
  • guarantee minimum of at least 8-10 IFAS faculty and/or staff per class
  • ensure class size maximum limited to 20-25 (usually)
  • provide list of registrants no later than one week before class
  • suitable hands-on training room
  • projection screen
  • adequate tables and seating
  • air conditioned secure Internet access (if needed for selected class)

Related information:

If two or more classes are scheduled, additional time can be allocated for general consulting about any IT topics that your unit requests. Topics that have been requested included local web site review, installation and problem resolution of PC hardware and software, networking problems, etc.... To allow adequate time for classroom preparation and instruction, the following times should be observed.

  • Normal class days:
    • Tuesday
    • Wednesday
    • Thursday
  • Normally scheduled class times:
    • 8:30-11:30 a.m.
    • 1:15-4:15 p.m.
  • Classroom preparation and cleanup:
    • 1-2 hours setup
    • 1-2 hours teardown

If morning classes are to be held, the training area should be set up on the afternoon before the class. Make sure the room is available and can be secured after work hours to protect the equipment.

Sponsor a training class now!

If interested in hosting a training class, become a sponsor.

Contact the IFAS IT Help Desk IFAShelp@ifas.ufl.edu 352-392-4636

They can put you in contact with the instructor to verify the availability of the selected training date(s) and required PC laptops. Information Technology looks forward to your invitation and working with you as a class sponsor.